SupaMatch Bristle Dartboard Dartboards


  • FEATURES ALL-NEW, STAPLE-FREE WIRING SYSTEM ? The all-new, staple-free wiring system significantly reduces bounce-outs and provides maximum opportunities for scoring.
  • THE SUPAMATCH 3?S PREMIUM TENSILE STEEL WIRING SYSTEM IS THE MOST ADVANCED IN THE WORLD TODAY ? The M.S.Z. (Multiple Scoring Zone) wire is over 20% thinner than on the Supamatch 2, resulting in larger target areas and fewer bounce-outs.
  • FEATURES BRAND-NEW BULLSEYE AND 25 RING ? The new bullseye and 25 ring feature carbon fusion technology for an ultra-hard surface that improves performance and durability.
  • BOARD INCLUDES SUPALOCK AND LEVEL SYSTEM ? Both provide a secure fit and easy rotation with all included fixtures and playing instructions.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ? Since 1927, Escalade Sports has taken pride in manufacturing quality products. With a fully-staffed customer service team, we are committed to providing courteous care and a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied

SupaMatch Bristle Dartboard

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