Silver C Flute with Case - 2 Year Warranty Regulated musical instrument

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  • For over a decade, LJ Hutchen has provided quality, consistency, and exceptional service to countless musicians throughout the world. LJ Hutchen constantly strives to improve its product-line and offer the best value possible. The LJ Hutchen Flute is radically different from others in its class. Manufactured and assembled with extreme precision, this flute represents one of the best values available for the student flutist. With this instrument, a student will experience greater intonation, playability, and overall quality. As with all LJ Hutchen models, its price and warranty terms are unbeatable. Every instrument is double-bench tested, and must meet the most stringent level of quality prior to sale. Sharing numerous attributes with more expensive brands, the LJ Hutchen is an outstanding value. Since many educators consider LJ Hutchen to be the perfect choice for student musicians, high quality is not only necessary but is imperative for successful music education. For further information on this instrument or any other LJ Hutchen product, please visit the official LJ Hutchen website.
  • Closed-hole design, C-foot, Silver-plated body and keys, Split-E Mechanism
  • Key configuration designed for all size hands
  • Extra care given to joint fittings

Silver C Flute with Case - 2 Year Warranty Silver C Flute with Case - 2 Year Warranty Silver C Flute with Case - 2 Year Warranty

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